Synthetic Phonics Program


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Spotting Learning Difficulties


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Classroom Intervention


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Mind Aware Art Exhibition

30th October, 2021

A Gazelle Creative Collective event; we partnered with the Gazelle Creatives to raise awareness about dyslexia in Kaduna State Nigeria. The activities included a panel discussion, art exhibition and dyslexia simulation. In attendance were parents, educators, artist and Government Officials. 

Schoola Education Townhall

14th May, 2022

Thriving schools, thriving communities-a conversation with educators on ways to develop inclusion in the classroom.


STEPP Project

30th August, 2022

Every year since 2018 we collaborate with STEPP Project to train teachers in low-income schools on classroom interventions to support children who are neurodivergent and to improve the literacy levels in their classrooms.