Our Mission

Amina Dyslexia centre uses technology to provide high quality, holistic and personalised learning for dyslexics. Alongside this, we create positive, safe and nurturing environment to help dyslexics to learn better and contribute to the development their communities.


Support: We bring together people who are willing to share their experiences with others.

Passion: We have a drive to push through limits this gives us the opportunity to inspire others.

Respect: We believe people are different and we accept each individual for who they are.

Creativity: Creativity is important to us because it is a problem-solving attitude.

What We Do

Awareness campaigns: we host these alone or in collaboration with other education Centers. These seminars, webinars, conference presentations, workshops and sharing infographics are aimed at igniting discussions and bringing dyslexia into focus for parents, educators and the general public.

Training: We train educators, parents and caregivers who desire to take action concerning dyslexia for a fee. Our training equips participants with skills and tools to identify dyslexia and to support dyslexic individuals in their learning journey.

Assessment: We offer an educational psychologist assessment for individuals who are experiencing significant learning difficulties. It involves an interview with a parent, a class teacher and the student.

Remediation: Our remediation program is designed to help dyslexics understand the sounds that are the building blocks of language. We also explore the dyslexics learning strengths in designing an individualised education plan and we use visual-spatial tools to administer the individualised education plan.

Life skills: Aside improving the dyslexic’s learning abilities, we help them explore their learning strengths and identify a career path they can focus on. This helps the dyslexic to find purpose in learning, their learning experiences are thus intentional and deliberate toward an ultimate life goal.