Our Stories

I was standing at a bus stop on one of those oven-like afternoons, when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around to behold a towering young man. Smiling, he introduced himself as Bright. I was visibly shocked and even more so, when he revealed he was studying mechanical engineering at the City University. Despite myself, I let the tears and memories flood. 

I first met Bright at The Valley International School years back. He was brilliant yet struggled with reading. His challenge reminded me of Kira, a relative of mine who was bullied and jeered by peers, family, and even teachers because she kept failing exams and repeating classes.

I was determined to help Bright overcome his condition because I saw it as an opportunity to do what I could not do for Kira–for she passed away when we were still kids. To help him, I needed to understand the cause of his problem. So, I started seeking for answers. I asked older teachers, read books, as well as, scoured the internet.

At that time, access to the internet was limited to cyber cafes. So, I became a regular at the one across my street. During one of my browsing sessions, I came across the word ‘Dyslexia’. As I read further, Kira’s and now Bright’s condition were no longer a mystery. The techniques and methods I learnt initiated the curriculum for Amina Dyslexia Center. 

There are times I want to quit but Bright’s testimony and a couple others have kept me going.  Amina Dyslexia Center is a constant reminder that there are other boys and girls whose life can change for the better if only dyslexics are taught in a way they can understand.